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Megan Fong’s Bio

October 24, 2015

“I promote diversity and personal expression through collaboration with creative people from different artistic and cultural backgrounds in the US and abroad. The basis of my work exists around the American improvisational music forms.”

-Megan Fong

Megan is a talented and dedicated educator and performer. She has spent the past ten years performing professionally and teaching in New York, NY and in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a dedicated organizer of educational and artistic festivals and workshops. Her artistic focus involves engaging younger and older audiences to experience art and creativity on communal and multi-cultural levels that encompass the American identity. In 2009 she and J began collaborating on composing, recording and performing their original music. It was through their experiences of recording two singles, “5 In the Middle” and “I’m Not Afraid”, touring through California, and performing regularly in their Long Beach neighborhood that solidified their dedication to creating original music together. Both artists approach their instruments differently, weaving improvisational and written elements together, to form a sound that truly expresses both creative voices.

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